How To Chat Up Girls

This can seem daunting if you are struggling in the confidence department. With that said it is not out of reach. The main thing is that you keep it simple. The last thing you want to do when it comes to chatting up girls is to come off as a jerk.

The second thing you need to avoid is trying to impress them. If a woman is attractive she will be hit on frequently and as a result she will have heard a lot of the lines before. So if you are putting on a show there is a strong likelihood that she will see right through it.

So do not try and impress her and avoid the cheesy chat up lines. Now and again you could of course use a little humor on this topic. When approaching a woman always approach her face to face and never ask personal questions off the bat.

Sometimes in actual fact you can ask girls what is there favorite chat up line and what has been the cheesiest. This can really get a conversation going but again you would only drop this question after a chatting with them for a little while.

You always want to keep things simple. A simple smile and a “hi” can be very effective and then just engage in conversation that is impersonal. When approaching a girl do not be too forward and come on too strong. Develop a little finesse, be polite yet confident.

To conclude try and get her to do most of the talking and listen for opportunities to take the conversation further. Try and pick up on her hot buttons and let the conversation naturally take its course.